What Do you know about March Birthstone Aquamarine?

What Do you know about March Birthstone Aquamarine?

Did you know that aquamarine is a fascinating gemstone that comes in a range of pale blue to light green colors? Its name relates to water and sea, and it has been used as a symbol of youth and happiness for centuries. It is also the birthstone for March!

Aquamarine has a unique ability to change color when heated, which can enhance its physical appearance. However, collectors and jewelers don't tend to favor this practice.

Throughout history, aquamarine has been used for many different purposes. The Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, and Sumerians believed that these stones were worn by the High Priest of the Second Temple, and the Greeks even engraved designs into aquamarine 2 thousand years ago, turning them into intaglios. Ancient tales suggest that aquamarine came from the treasure chests of mermaids, and sailors used it as a lucky charm to protect against shipwrecks. 

Aquamarine is still widely used today for decoration and jewelry. It became the state gem for Colorado in 1971! Its value is determined by its weight, color, cut, and clarity. Compared to other beryl gemstones, such as emerald or bixbite (red emerald), aquamarine is not as expensive. However, it is relatively more expensive than similarly colored gemstones such as blue topaz.


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