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Amethyst and Citrine Gold Wire earrings

Amethyst and Citrine Gold Wire earrings

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A completely handcrafted piece, set with K18 golden wire and 21ct amethyst and 9.20ct citrine. All gems are natural and handcrafted cut and polished to optimize light reflection. Individually distinct, every rough stone presents something unique to admire.

Amethyst is a beloved member of the quartz family, boasting a regal purple hue. Its lore dates back to classical Greek legends, attached to the god of wine, Bacchus, and belief that the gem kept wearers sharp in both battle and business. Citrine is a transparent quartz gem prized for its sunny hue and durability. Those who use the gemstone ascribe energetic power to it, claiming that its protective energy wards off ill effects.

Each piece is crafted by hand at my workshop, with slight variations from the image. Every item is an expression of my 94-year-old family jewelry tradition and expertise. Thanks for visiting my shop Petros Tezapsidis.


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